Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Tube TV's?

We are not able to accept tube TV’s at this time.  LCD, LED, Plasma, and plastic shelled (No wood) projection TV’s are accepted for drop off only.

What do you do with the items you recycle?

Most items are completely broken down into their separate components and sorted.  Once sorted, they are shipped to another facility for further processing.  After processing, they are ready to be introduced back into the stream of material used to make new products.

Some items may be refurbished and or re-used.  For example, laser jet toners can be re-filled and used again.

I am concerned about the information stored on my hard drive(s). What measures will be taken to ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands?

We offer Department of Defense compliant hard drive data destruction through the use of specialized software.  Physical destruction is also available, as well as a certificate of destruction.

Do you accept items in any condition?

We accept items in almost any condition.  We cannot accept items contaminated with chemicals, food,  bodily fluids, or insect/animal activity.  Broken or partially dismantled items are ok.

I have an item to recycle that is not on your list. Will you accept it for recycling?

If you have an item that is not on our list of accepted items, please give us a call or send us an email.

Is there a minimum amount required for pickup?

We do not have a specific minimum amount, but if you only have a few items we may ask you to drop them off.  This will depend on the item and your location.